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Defining a good SEO strategy is something we pride ourselves on from before a campaign commences. The SEO services in Bangkok that we provide to our clients cover the full spectrum of what is needed to have your website rank successfully. AP Digital has been offering SEO work for several years across a range of locations, we know clearly and concisely the efforts to achieve organic visibility in a reasonable period of time.

Before we engage with our clients, it is important for us to understand their business, industry, and target markets. This is of paramount importance as without this knowledge and research prior to starting, we cannot ensure a fully successful SEO campaign. Armed with this knowledge, we can correctly match, appropriate broad and long-tailed keywords relevant to the target website.

By engaging AP Digital for your SEO marketing campaign, you will receive a full strategy upon starting with us that will outline all the work involved. The core elements of being successful organically can be broken down into on-site SEO work and off-site SEO work.

Effective Website Auditing

Correctly auditing a website allows us to understand not only the health but also identify the elements needed to fix or amend on your site. Making sure that your website is well optimized in the eyes of Google is the foundation for developing a truly effective SEO campaign. Part of this process is looking at the density of your content and the balance of keywords on each landing page. Whilst it is true that Google loves content, making sure it is effective and engaging is paramount for both rankings and conversions.

It is important that we do not place any limits on the keywords that can be targeted as part of any of our SEO campaigns. We offer this to our clients as nobody can be certain of which keywords will be the most effective and convert the best. Therefore, by having a wider range of terms, we can look at their performance and identify which work the best for your online business. Refining keywords is an on-going process and adjusting the target keywords is something that we do on a regular basis for all our clients.

Key Off-Site SEO Factor

The second major factor of successfully ranking in Google is off-site work. The elements we bring to an off-site campaign cover a wide range of things such as targeted backlinks, blog articles, press releases, and business citations. This is an on-going process and as such, we make sure that your back-link profile is continually developing and evolving as your targets and ambitions evolve.

Something which is also very important as part of a successful SEO strategy is identifying the correct target markets, locations, demographics, and languages. We can assist in this right at the start and on-going as we obtain more Analytics data and can hone exactly where your main conversions are coming from.

Feel free to contact us today and speak with a member of our team so we can provide you with an initial SEO consultation. This will help clarify exactly what is needed to take your online business from where it is today, to where you need it to be to successfully grow and succeed.

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