Social Media Bangkok

Social Media Marketing Bangkok

Social media has become embedded in our everyday lives and it is a platform that can be highly effective in promoting your brand. AP Digital, as a Social Media Company in Bangkok, can offer some immensely powerful campaigns to ignite your presence locally or internationally.  Where Social Media can really benefit your business is the ability to be very targeted with your audience and reach.

The platforms we specialize in cover Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn among others. If you are a new business just launching, we can help really boost your brand directly to your main target audience. This can be done both visually and in a written format to get your message across to potential customers. Our knowledge across a wide range of industries means that we can help set up your Social Media campaign in a truly effective manner to deliver results.

Social Media Set Up

Before we begin running a social media campaign, it is important for us to fully understand the goals, targets, and direction of your online business. We take the time at the start to flesh out what it is you need in both the short term and medium term to lay the foundations of a successful campaign. The beauty of using social media platforms is you can be in front of your target audience in a matter of days from launching.

We can provide you with target audience research, essential at the start so no budget goes to waste. We can also look at your goals, targets, and aims for your business to determine where your budget needs to go. Another major advantage of utilizing Social Media Marketing is the ability to set forecasts on the reach of your chosen budget so you know exactly what you are getting.

Social Ad Selections

You will discover that there are multiple ways in which you can reach your target audience. Rarely do we suggest focusing on just one tool to achieve your goals. You may wish to boost your page or send people to your website to increase your brand awareness. If you are focusing locally for your products or services, it is a great way to do radius targeting to bring people to you who are ready to buy now.

Engaging with your audience is a great way to get accurate and quick feedback for your brand. We can help you increase post engagements or page likes to expand the range of those who know about you. Perhaps you are running short term promotions or holding events that you want to promote. This is also a highly effective way of generating interest in the right audience for your product or service.

Social Media Reporting

One major benefit of using AP Digital for your social media campaigns is we do not charge any setup fees. This is important as not every business is savvy in terms of how best to use these platforms and our knowledge can be invaluable to you right from day one.

We provide full, in-depth reporting on all social media activities we are engaged with. That way you can clearly track the effectiveness and profitability of each campaign that is running. It’s very important for us that our clients know exactly where their investment is going and what sort of ROI, they are getting so we can maximize profits month on month.

Get in touch with us today and learn how we can grow your online business through social media effectively and strategically.