Why Choose AP?

With so many digital marketing agencies around today it is important for us that we offer something different in the marketplace. Covering all effective digital marketing services available today, we aim to tailor our services in a way that best suits our client’s needs and goals.

Digital Strategy Planning

We will review the performance of an existing website and provide a full audit and action plan of where the site is currently and where we can take it through all available means. We do not believe in simply offering set packages as every business is unique with distinctive goals and aspirations.

Cost Cutting Solutions

We understand that most online business’s will already be doing some form of online marketing and one of our goals is to find ways in which we can save business’s financially through effective planning and implementation of a given campaign.

Consulting & leading Industry Knowledge

The origins of our business are in offering our insights into our client’s business. With combined years of experience, we have faced and overcome many challenges that present themselves within the online digital realm. Not only can we save clients potentially thousands of $$$ but also (and more importantly!) time in reaching targets laid out from the start.

Conversion Improvements

Ranking strongly in Google is important and further to that is having a website that actual converts! Before we even start a campaign, our team will review the website and understand if the site has the relevant calls to action and conversion potential it needs.

No Key Word Limits

We do not believe in setting limits for our campaigns or our clients. You can choose as many key words as you desire with the goal being to identify which terms convert the best for your business


Whether you need help in enhancing existing campaigns or training to learn more to get the best our of your website, our team can help. We provide comprehensive training across the varying digital marketing sources along with website CMS training.

Targeted Guarantees

We are happy to provide targeted guarantees with your chosen campaign. As it is important not only we know the results will be achieved but that you know starting with us they will be!

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