Content Writing Bangkok

Creative Content

They say content is king and those words could not be truer today. With such high levels of competition online, making your voice heard is paramount to stand out and reach those wanting your products or services. We can create original, creative content that matches high standards along with the vernacular of your brand identity.

Some companies commission us to redevelop their website content to not just be original but help showcase the values and key concept of their brand. Having a good body of copy on your website is important yet making it readable and concise means the user will understand very quickly what you are about as a company.

There are also many instances we come across where there is on-site or off-site duplication that needs addressing. Making sure your website copy reads well and is original is a key factor that Google will look at when crawling your site. It is seen as an on-site activity which can further improve your performance to rank and be visible online.

Blogging &
Off-Site Content

Consistently updating your website with fresh, original content can help keep you ahead of your competitors. Whilst many online businesses will do this by making use of a blog, keeping it up to date is far easier said than done. The use of effective research and imparting with insightful knowledge that your users will read and enjoy can enhance their overall experience whilst on your website.

We ensure to provide cutting edge copy that engages users whilst also being original and relevant. Having something to say and delivering that information means so much more than simply generating new content that simply states facts and figures. A potential customer to your site should know within seconds of reading your copy what you are about as a business and what your message is.

Coupled with this is having your message across other, relevant websites that can link back to you. Providing a consistent brand identity through your words is something we can ensure on an on-going basis to drive your business into new territory regardless of where customers may find you online.

Translation Services

We get many requests for translation services in Bangkok and ensure that the quality is delivered from native speakers. It is not simply enough to make sure the copy is correct, but that it is readable and understandable for those in their respective locations. We also have the ability, where necessary to embed relevant target keywords for our clients so they can rank stronger organically.

As we cover so many different industries for our work, it is vitally important that our content writers do their research to understand your sector fully before carrying out the copywriting. We cover a multitude of languages so whether you need website copy, articles, digital content, or branding, we will make sure the copy supplied to you is of the highest standard.

Get in touch with us today and we can quote you to the word exactly what you need to invest to enhance your website content.