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There are many ways in which you can effectively advertise your brand and website. One of the quickest of those are Google Ads AKA SEM (Search Engine Marketing). As a Google Partner, AP Digital is in a fantastic position to be able to not only advise but execute a whole myriad of Ad campaigns that can achieve noticeably clear and distinct goals.

Being a forerunner for Google Ads in Bangkok, we have the experience to know what is required in setting up an effective Ads campaign. Arguably the most important factor to consider is your main goals and targets as these dictates so much of what goes into getting things set up. We encounter companies who already know these and many that do not. We can offer our expertise to define the best set up, Ad Groups and target key words to make it successful from the start.

No Set Up Fees

One of the biggest assets to working with us is, unlike many other digital agencies, we do not charge any set up fees. We feel this is important as getting the account set up properly is the foundation of making your marketing goals be realized. Part of this process is making sure you have full tracking on your website through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. That way we can demonstrate to you in clear data, exactly what your investment into Google Ads is delivering.

There are no real limits to what we can track through your website. Whether it be Click to call, email sign up, contact forms or check out. Having this in place on your website allows you to track the most important data, that your website converts and exactly where those conversions are coming from. This is done from day one, so you do not miss a single piece of information relating to your online business.

Key word targets can really help your business reach exactly those who could be interested in your products or services. We can create target campaigns and ad groups that relate directly to your product, service, or location. Something that is especially important is determining your goals through your Ad campaign. Cost per click (CPC), Cost per Impressions (CPM), Cost per Acquisition (CPA) or call only Ads are all options that are available.

Effective Ad Graphics

Another highly effective way of marketing your business is through Banner Ads and remarketing. This is truly effective for new businesses who wish quick exposure and brand awareness. Getting people to see your Ads in various locations online establishes you and your brand. Very rarely do people take action upon the first visit to a website so having the ability to bring people back to your website several times over increases the possibility of a conversion being made.

It is next to impossible to cover all the options and strategies available here. Therefore, we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can explore exactly how best to market your website through Google Ads. You will receive a no-obligation consultation with us and we can even offer Google Ad credit for free with any new customers!

Contact us below and we look forward to discussing your new Google Ad campaign.